Hi everyone! 

My name is Allie and I’m currently a freshman in college. I’m also a lover of art, animals, travelling, writing, shortbread cookies, and fluffy sweaters.

I created this blog when I was a junior in high school as a form of catharsis in documenting all of my struggles with studying and the terrifying uncertainty of the future. I started writing study advice articles to hopefully help others avoid making some of the mistakes that I made and to provide some helpful information and encouragement— I hope you find some of my ramblings useful! (And entertaining 🙂 )

Please feel free to message me on instagram @nibbleaday or leave a comment if you have a question or anything you’d like to say. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you join me on my journey! 


Fun facts:

My myers-briggs personality type is ESTJ, my Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw, and my favourite flavor of milk is strawberry. (Or chocolate, I can’t decide. Both?)