Korea GTL 2022 Week 1— a somewhat unhinged daily account

Korea GTL 2022 Week 1— a somewhat unhinged daily account

This is a daily(ish) journal that I kept while in Korea this past January! Most of it was written from 1-3am so it might not be the most coherent but I tried to make it as detailed as possible both to preserve memories and so that future GTL students might get an idea of what the day-to-day looks like (chaos) 🙂 Read a more comprehensive account of my trip to Korea here!



GTL: MIT’s Global Teaching Labs Program

FL: Future Lab, the education-focused division of the Korean gaming company Smilegate

Waly, Sarah, Melissa: My GTL teammates:)


Day 1

Our first day of GTL! We enjoyed a feast of bread that we bought at bakeries in the subway and at Paris Baguette the night before, and I had my triangle coffee milk which was a good start to the day:) We had to pack up everything that we needed to bring to Future Lab (FL), and even though the program was going to run from 1-5PM we wanted to arrive there earlier to set everything up everything for the day. Our airbnb in Sangdo is about a one-and-a-half hour train ride from FL, so we tried to leave at 9:30 to arrive there at around 11. Unfortunately we did not manage to leave on time today, so hopefully we will be able to do better tomorrow :’)

We left the house at around 9:50 and hopped on the 7 line, then transferred at the 고속터미널 express train station to line 3, then transferred at Yangjae to the Shinbundang line, and then we made it to FL which was about a 10 minute walk from the station. Then we started to set everything up for our first day of the workshop, which was going to be a mix of the lego building challenge, an introduction/English name session, egg drop, and bacteria day!

We started the workshop with the lego building activity because we thought that starting off with an activity rather than introductions would make everything less awkward and keep the energy up, which I think was accomplished for the most part! We had two rounds of the challenge, and I think that students got the hang of how the game worked during the second round, during which we let the students bring their whiteboards and notebooks along to sketch anything that might help them with replicating the structure. I remember one student who was shading all of the lego blocks in with his orange whiteboard marker, and I asked him “how are you going to know what colour all of those blocks are?” and he stared at me blankly like o-0 which I would soon find out was going to become a pattern.

At the beginning, we all tried to speak exclusively English, but it soon became clear that some of the students weren’t able to understand most of what we were saying so Sarah and I started mixing in some Korean when it seemed like they had no idea what was going on. Waly also did a really good job with body language and I hope that along with some STEM concepts the students will be able to practice their English skills during the week!

All of the students then chose their English names, two of the students both wanted to be named Kevin so one of the Kevins was forced to give their name up 🙁 I was really happy to see that some of the students took to their names right away though, like Daisy who drew a little flower next to her name on her nametag:)

Then we had a quick game of charades to practice English and try to get everyone to interact a little more, and it was quite the struggle… some of the students even cited the activity as their least favourite during the end of day checkout session, and because some of them were so shy it was really hard to get them to engage.

Then we did the egg drop activity, and we tried to explain concepts like air resistance and cushioning to help them when designing their Egg Protectors 계란 수호자, and a lot of them applied concepts like parachutes and using cotton pads. Red team made a giant soccer ball like padded tape and foam monstrosity that literally bounced off of the ground when it was dropped from the balcony, and yellow team got off to a slow start and had to keep requesting time extensions, but their small basket padded with cotton puffs was also enough to keep their egg safe. Pink team brought it a step further and added not one, or two, but THREE parachutes, which was certainly a novel idea that also was successful! We were originally planning on deciding the winner from those whose eggs didn’t crack by the lightest contraption, but our scale was meant to measure grams and not… giant heavy balls of tape, so we turned it into a design competition judged by the teachers! They went around and talked to all of the teams about their designs, and it was fun to see all of them trying to sell their last minute additions and coloured tape as their contraptions’ branding.

Then we had the bacteria unit, and we tried to engage students during the lecture by having multiple choice questions on our slides and asking them to write down what they thought the answer was on their whiteboards and to raise them up. This was… somewhat effective, but I think that we lost some of the students and we’re going to try to think of more interesting ways to make the info-dumping part of the lessons more engaging or hands-on in the future. We had a couple of different experiments in this unit, one where we had half of the students wash their hands with soap and the other half with hand sanitizer and had both groups touch one half of an agar plate to see which of the two is more effective at eliminating bacteria on their hands. Another experiment was simulating a cell membrane with oil and water, and then using a drop of bromothymol blue to determine whether water, salt, and/or soap were able to break the barrier. This was successful for two out of the three groups except mine o-o, so hopefully when I supervise the experiment next time I’ll be able to make sure that they’re more deliberate with it so it works for all of the teams!

The last part of the day was bacteria painting, where Sarah had grown bacteria of different colours and incubated it prior to today that students transferred to their own agar plates with cotton swabs. I think that some of the artsier students got into it, even though they couldn’t exactly see what they were drawing! And then all of the agar plates went into the FL incubator where the bacteria will multiply and art will hopefully appear soon:)

Afterwards, we did checkout meetings with all of the teams, and I talked to the pink team and asked each of them about their favourite and least favourite parts of the day, what they were looking forward to tonight (sleeping, eating, gaming… ), and if there was anything in particular that they wanted to do tomorrow. I think that almost everyone said that their favourite part of the day was the egg drop, which was definitely one of the most high energy parts of the day, and I hope that we’ll be able to get to know the students better in the next couple of days as well. We all tried to do most of the check outs in English, but sometimes I had to switch to Korean to explain what I was asking which will hopefully improve throughout the week when they hear us ask the same questions over… and over. Overall, I thought that the day went pretty well though and that the students learned something and had fun!

Some of the issues that we’re going to improve on: including more Korean when explaining difficult concepts to the students, less pure lecturing, and no. more. cameramen.

There was a group of cameramen at FL today filming a documentary, and during breaks AND during lessons they would walk around with their cameras and often shoved them into students faces or asked them to repeat what they just did so that they could catch it on film. They also yanked some students (and Sarah!) into interviews randomly during breaks, which took away from our precious prep time and was quite disruptive:( I think that I speak for all of us when I say that I wouldn’t have minded if they were simply observing and asking questions every once in a while, but especially on the first day of the workshop when it was already a little awkward I think it was made more uncomfortable by their overwhelming presence. They were also zooming into Sarah and Waly’s phones at one point which was just… questionable… what kind of footage were they hoping to get from that?? And while it’s a relief that they won’t be at the workshop for the next two days they’ll be back in vengeance on Thursday and Friday so I think we should talk to them about *respecting boundaries*. They also tried to yoink me for an interview, but bless Sungjoo for telling the man that I had to run to go get my precious vaccination card and I sped out of there across the river to the Bundang Health Center.

I made the trip to that same health center earlier in the day before the workshop began but they were closed for lunch break at the time so I had to go again which was an hour walk round trip each time and really was doing wonders for my step count B) Without the vaccination certificate you can’t even enter department stores or eat in restaurants in Korea, so it was a sad weekend for me being stuck outside when Waly and Sarah went into the Lotte Department Store to buy legos and I felt bad making everyone constantly eat takeout because of me— but it’s ok now, I have my vaccination certificate and am a real person again!

In the meantime, Sarah and Waly were back at FL setting up a bunchhh of stuff for tomorrow’s crime day, including going ham with the caution tape, and then we headed out for dinner to celebrate our first day! We ended up going to a random restaurant near FL, and the squid ddeokbboki with ramen 오징어떡볶이 was amazing and Waly was basically inhaling the stew. We originally were on the fence about even going into the restaurant to begin with, but then the shop ajusshi came out and started really selling it to us and he clearly did a good job of it :> During dinner we also debriefed and went over the form responses again now being able to put names to faces! And generally discussed what we needed to get done at home to prepare for tomorrow.

On the way back, we picked up some bread for tomorrow morning (blueberry cream and red bean cream buns for Waly and I respectively) and also visited many a GS 25 and 7-11 to try to find baking soda and sugar that we needed for part of crime day tomorrow. And then we collapsed when we got back home but no time for rest! Just time for prepping! We ran a lot of tomorrow’s experiments and edited slides, and I worked on the worksheet packet for tomorrow’s crime day while Waly edited the slides and Sarah put fake blood all over some towels. And then we all headed to bed at 1AM… well, Waly stayed up to watch AOT and I respect that:)


Day 2

Day 2 was off to a good start with some more bread that we bought at the train station last night and tangerines from the giant box that we bought at the market by Daiso for 8,000 won! We packed up everything that we needed for crime day and actually managed to leave earlier this time which was great B)

We headed to future lab and arrived just past 11AM, which we thought would give us plenty of time to set up the three stations for the first half of crime day— chromatography, mystery solution solver, and blood detection. We picked up lunch from a place near FL and got porridge/spicy squid bibimbap which was good! We spread the locations of the three stations throughout the room, and had the teams rotate between them. The tables and balcony were already decorated with caution tape from Waly and Sarah’s work last night, so I think the kids already had a clue about what was going on when they walked into the room. We actually had a lot more prep work than we thought that we had to get done before the kids arrived, and Waly Sarah and I split up into three different stations for the first part of the day and started preparing the blood detection, mystery substance, and chromatography experiments. I also wrote three copies of a ransom note from the perpetrator that the students were trying to catch— the premise of the day was that someone kidnapped our class “pet”, a stuffed animal named Whaley that we got at daiso, and through various experiments the kids had to figure out who it was. The suspects were the three of us and Melissa :p

After explaining the goal, we had the students rotate through the three stations which either directly or indirectly gave them clues that would point them to a suspect. At my station, some of the students poured too much water into their cups which caused the ink to bleed in an… unideal manner, but luckily we had enough chromatography paper to let them redo it but a little more deliberately. It was fun seeing them comparing their results to determine who they thought the pen that was used to write the ransom note belonged to, and in the Red team especially I was happy to see some of the younger members influencing the group’s direction as a whole. It was a pretty calm activity but one of the students (Michael) actually cited it as his favourite activity of the day during the daily checkout which was cool:)

Afterwards, we had the class regroup and learn cryptography with some different ciphers, like substitution ciphers and caesar ciphers. The message at the end of the worksheet told them to go to the white wall, which had the word push written on it in sticky notes that Waly put up, and pushing it revealed a secret tunnel! There was a table there with laptops set up on it, and the darkness of the tunnel really added to the hacker cave ambiance. They then had to solve another cipher to get the laptop password, which when opened linked to a video with a cameo by Melissa that gave them some more valuable information. The last activity on crime day was the microscope station, where they compared different hair samples to match that of the suspect. Then the groups decided who they thought was the criminal and Sarah was caught red handed by all of them >:)

The second half of the day was the more artsy epoxy resin activity to teach them about polymers, and we prepared different materials like fake flowers from daiso and googly eyes for them to decorate with. We accidentally made too much epoxy resin though, so soso (a teacher at FL) made a cute mascot and the rest of it was just left to harden in a container:( The activity ended much earlier than expected and there was so much to clean up because the epoxy resin spilled everywhere when trying to fill the sphere and jewel moulds, so I had to try to think of things to keep them engaged which ended up being the human knot game which some of the kids hated. It brought me back to elementary school when boys and girls didn’t want to hold hands with each other xp I also went through a couple of slides and whiteboard activities on the effects of plastic on the environment, and in the meantime, Waly and Sarah were scrubbing hard at the table in the room with the fume hoods where we did the resin activity ;(

We did check outs as usual and then cleaned up a lot of stuff then headed out to dinner nearby at a fried chicken restaurant! We also got some fried rice with it which was amazing, and stopped by gongcha as usual where I got the green grape green tea 10/10 would drink again. Then it was the trek back to the airbnb where we started preparing for tomorrow, which is going to be electrical engineering/circuits/3D printing day! Our 3D printer wasn’t working for a while because the one that we’re using was used at a different GTL school two years ago and hadn’t been touched since, so I had to remove a lot of the old brittle filament but we were able to get it to a print a little sample MIT logo plaque to show to the students tomorrow. Waly’s also been hard at work trying to figure out the bluetooth LED and motors with the windmill as two potential projects for the arduino part of tomorrow so hopefully everything goes well:)


Day 3

Okay, I’m going to be honest with you… it is currently 1:52 AM on Thursday night (or Friday, however you want to think about it o-o) but yesterday we ended up sleeping at 3AM and it was just. A time.

On Wednesday, we headed to FL a little later because we had a little less prep work to do, but once we arrived at around 11:30 we set up the circuit for the hidden circuit challenge (like the lego challenge on the first day) and organized the materials for the arduino challenges. We picked up kimbap + squid over rice from a kimbap shop near our house on the way that we gobbled down, and Sarah and I also got drinks from Paik’s Coffee near FL to give us the energy to keep going because we’re all really running low on sleep at this point :’) Once the students arrived, Waly did an intro to electricity lesson and we taught them some basic concepts like V=IR so they could practice using equations and some math as well. Then we had a Kahoot which two of the teachers joined and that the students were actually really invested in! Kahoots kinda stress me out but this reminded me of how effective they can really be:)

Afterwards, we did a copper tape card making activity, and students spent a lot of time looking up reference images and perfecting the art that they wanted to turn into a circuit. Pink team in particular had members tracing marvel characters/designing a cool interactive circuit with a lighter and the LED being the flame/drawing both the minun and plusle pokemon so doing *double* the work, and the girls in yellow team also drew some super adorable sanrio characters. Red team had a red monkey butt and two police cars xp It was a super successful activity though and they spent a lot longer on it than we thought they would which threw off our pacing a little but was still great to see!

We then transitioned to breadboards, and had the breadboard circuit challenge where they tried to copy a circuit that we made in their teams. It was their first time working with some of the materials like jumper wires and resistors, so I thought it was a cool activity for them to create their first breadboard circuits and though they were all confused at first they figured it out before long. The next activity was the ardunio challenges, where we presented three projects for them to choose and work on— windmill, bluetooth LED, or simon says. Most of the students chose project A (the windmill) which I think might have been because of the cool animated GIF on the screen, except for all of red team who chose B, and I prepared project C and was sad no one wanted to do it (and we didn’t have enough resources for everyone to do project A) so I went around appealing to the students and showing them my prepared game and I managed to convert red team + daisy to join me:) but then there weren’t any students doing project B:( so maybe next week we’ll try to allocate more time so they can rotate and do more than one of the projects that we prepared. Simon says actually went pretty smoothly for the most part, and a lot of the circuits didn’t work on the first try but troubleshooting them was a big part of the learning experience B) soso also came over to help out, and it took some of them a lot of tries but eventually everyone had a working simon game! The windmills seemed like they weren’t the easiest with components like the switch in them, but Waly and Sarah pulled through and Emily mentioned that it was her favourite part of the day so I think all went well.

Then it was 3D printing time! And we really didn’t have as much time then as we expected :0 each of them had a FL laptop and logged into the tinkercad classroom I made so they didn’t have to use email addresses, and they designed ~ whatever they desired ~ for us to print which in hindsight… wasn’t the best idea when Waly and I are currently up at 2:30 AM trying to troubleshoot this big ol dumb printer and get it to print properly so that everyone has their prints by tomorrow:’) Sarah had to go to myeongdong to pick up bacteria samples from yeongmyeong school afterwards, so Waly and I headed back and got ddeokbokki at a shop near our house and then started prepping for tomorrow’s workshop which was sCary because we had a lot less planned for day 4 than we did for the previous days. Waly was playing around with gears and pulleys, and I tried to make a mousetrap car out of CDs and the pizza hut box from the bulgogi pizza that we ate a couple of days ago and it rolled? But also went wrong in so many ways? And it took hours and lots of hot glue gun and we ended up not doing the project anyways because of time constraints :’) maybe I will learn how to make one properly someday!


Day 4

Today we headed out of the airbnb a little earlier to make it to FL in time for our group lunch with some of the FL staff at 11:30, so we tried to arrive at around 10:30 so we would have some time to prepare the materials for the day. I had a milk bun from paris baguette for breakfast which was really good and Sarah and I sat at the table and ate breakfast together as usual before we all headed out to the train station. We also have been eating lots of tangerines to try to finish off that giant box that we got over the weekend :> Before I left the house I started one of the 3D prints of the designs that the students made yesterday— last night I managed to print 5/10 of them, just the most simple name plate style designs though— while Sarah and Waly headed to Daiso to pick up some last minute materials that they thought that we might need. The print that I started was a pretty complicated one, two balls (a pokeball and just.. A random ball thanks Jack) and I wasn’t sure if the printer would be able to handle it since it’s a relatively cheap one but I just started it and hoped for the best. I met Waly and Sarah right as they were checking out which was amazing timing B) They got some thinner string and zip ties that they thought might work better for the mousetrap car, “and some random materials.” (When interviewing Waly, he forgot that this trip ever happened… which maybe says something about how early it was or alternatively how late we all slept last night :’) )

We got to FL and laid out some of the materials that the students would need to make pulleys and catapults for our simple machines unit, and Waly had the idea of using the balcony as a place for students to do the pulley competition from— basically each team had to make their own pulleys from a dowel, two wheels, some string and a paper cup, and they had to use this pulley to make multiple trips to carry up a bunch of miscellaneous items like candy, crayons, and legos. (We were using the candies that Sarah and Waly had left over from the gift boxes that FL sent them over quarantine! I never got mine because it arrived after I had already left the facility and then it got returned to FL :’) )

At 11:20 ish we started walking over to the restaurant with soso, 그림, 민영, and 성주, and they talked about how these names are all nicknames that FL required them to create when they first started working there to try to reduce the traditional Korean professional hierarchy system of referring to people by their official job titles which I thought was pretty cool! (Names and their meanings: soso— a pun on his last name, 그림— means drawing, because her mother was an artist, 성주— her last name is 성 so 성주 is a combination of her last name and the first character of her name.)

We went to a Korean restaurant in the area and met up with Melissa who was finally released from jail!! The Korean government regulations right now are that you can only sit in groups of four at restaurants, which is usually perfect for our team but this time since there were eight of us we split into two groups. I got to talk to 그림 about her experience as a computer science major and 성주 about living with her sister (read: fighting with her sister) and her experience as a English major, except both of them told me that their majors were part of their dark pasts and that they were secrets and now I’m writing about them on this blog. Oops. 그림 also talked about how much she enjoyed hiking all over Korea and she had the goal of hiking one hundred mountains in Korea! Which reminded me of my dad and his love for hiking :p The food itself was also really good, it was a very fancy feeling multi-course meal with spicy stir-fried squid, sweet and sour cod, clam soup, rice and salad, etc… We had so much fun during the lunch that 성주 checked the time and it was suddenly already 12:50 which meant that we had to get up and sprint back over to FL so that we wouldn’t be too late to the workshop o-o

Luckily when we got back to the workshop one of the groups (Red team + Emily) still hadn’t arrived, so we had some time to make a couple adjustments and go through the slides quickly before beginning for the day. First we introduced the pulley and the pulley challenge, and I think that students had a good time with it even though they were confused that the construction part itself was also timed, unlike in the past when all of the teams would get the same amount of time to finish building their machines and then they would be tested at the same time. So maybe that’s something that we can change when we do the activity next week!

Then it was catapult time, and we had the groups make two different kinds of catapults— the kind made out of rubber bands and popsicle sticks, and one made out of a box, a dowel, a paper cup, and some string that Waly designed. Some of the students struggled with the first type of catapult, and some of their candy projectiles went backwards when they launched them from the starting line when we were testing whose could shoot the furthest, but I think that they especially enjoyed making the second type of catapult so we might just want to do that one next time. Afterwards, we had the straw bridge activity, where we showed students the iconic video of the breaking bridge and had them design what they thought would be the strongest bridge out of straws and tape to support weights. The teams’ bridges were actually so much stronger than we expected that it was super hard for us to find enough weights to cause their bridges to collapse, except for Red team whose bridge sadly broke down near the beginning:( I had to almost entirely empty one of the bins of cut wood that FL had near the woodworking part of the room to use the pieces as weights, and in the end the pink team had better tetris stacking skills to balance the most pieces of wood on top of their bridge.

After briefly introducing the wheel and the axel we had another kahoot identifying different types of simple machines, then we had a break where students looked at the bacteria samples that they designed back on day 1 that had been growing in the incubator. And then it was time for rube goldberg machines! We first showed a couple examples that I found online, and then told the students about all of the materials that were available for them to use aka basically everything at FL :O A lot of them had some difficulties with coming up with ideas at first, but they quickly became super invested in their projects and kept working on them all the way until 5:30 because they didn’t want to leave! We told them that they’d be able to be keep working on their machines tomorrow, and during checkouts most teams talked about the rube goldberg machines being their favourite part of the day so I’m glad that it’s going well:) and because we ask the same questions every day the students have been getting better at understanding some English too which is great!

We packed up a lot of stuff that we wanted the FL team to help us send over to Jeonju, and then we went to a nearby 닭갈비 restaurant for dinner where the 사장님 was super curious about where we were from and then asked us if people wore masks in the US and gave us free 사이다 which was super nice! And the food was nice and spicy 🙂 We picked up bubble tea on our way home as usual, and I got a “pure chocolate” drink this time which was yummy but had a lot of ice >:( sarah had to fight to get them to put less ice in her drink and Waly simply got a smoothie with ice blended into it to avoid the whole problem. On the way home, Waly and I stopped by Daiso (again) to pick up some prizes for the winners of tomorrow’s scavenger hunt and present bags for the MIT mugs that we bought for the FL staff + letter kits so I could write goodbye letters and some toy cars for the rube goldberg machines. We ended up getting some snacks and some fluffy pencil cases + some custom printed stickers that said Future Lab MIT GTL 2022 on them, and also three more Whaleys and Orcies each to give as prizes to the members of the overall winning team from all of the points accumulated throughout the week. The prizes for the scavenger hunt only costed 9,000 won total which was a great deal, and the plushies were also amazingly priced at 3,000 won each :>

Once we got back to the airbnb I found out that the 3D printer was not going to be my friend because it had a giant ball of filament stuck on the extruder that I had to pluck off with Waly’s help:( And then someone accidentally unplugged it when it was printing so it had * amnesia * and had to restart the print all over again which was just… sad since we didn’t have much time left to get everything printed by tomorrow! We had to level the print bed by using the scraper as a mirror and then I redesigned some of the prints because the way that the kids designed some of them was too complicated for the printer to print at all/on time, like the bee that michael designed and kevin’s pokeball which was just not cooperating. Waly, Sarah, and Melissa were working on the worksheet and details for tomorrow’s scavenger hunt, and poor Waly stayed up a little later than when most of us slept at two to start the next print thank you and goodnight 🙂

Melissa and I worked on the book cipher and we couldn’t find a page of the book that we were using (a digital version of pride and prejudice) that began with the letter q that we needed as part of the result, so we just added a line in we are authors now B)

Quietly, Elizabeth crept over to the balcony overlooking the terrace. 


Day 5

Today we got up at 8:45 and I laid in bed for a little while listening to my alarm ring :v Then I heard ~ activity ~ so I got up and went outside to get some breakfast and an orange as usual! A couple of friends called me so I talked to them for a little bit while I was getting ready, then I went outside to evaluate the 3D printer and we collectively screamed over the fact that the 3D printer just decided to stop printing part way through the print that we tried to do overnight 🙁 Waly decided to stay back and try printing it one more time while the rest of us went to FL to set up (and to avoid the documentary team’s interviewing because yes, the documentary team was back today o-0) , so the three of us headed to Pangyo.

We got to FL and set up some of the stations for our scavenger hunt while Sarah and I got interviewed about our experience teaching/preparing for the workshops, and as the students trickled in they continued working on their machines that they started yesterday. This part of the day took a lot longer than expected because the students were so invested in their projects, especially Red team who struggled with making their machine work even after we extended the time limit multiple times, and Sarah tried to encourage them because they weren’t able to make their machine work 100% from start to finish even at the end but it was the process that was the most important :’) Pink team used two giant styrofoam boards and included a pulley to create an impressive marble run that ran down the stairs from a raised platform, and the FL staff wanted to leave it up for kids to look at in the future too. I spent most of my time with yellow team, and they definitely struggled with making parts of the machine work together but ended it with a literal bang when they got a toy car with a sharpened paper clip taped on it to shoot out and burst a balloon that had a yellow foam duck in it. The teachers scored the machines, and then they had a snack break of chicken before we moved on to the scavenger hunt!

We split up among the teams and each started at one of the five stations— microscope cell matching, cryptography 2.0 (book cryptography!), pH testing, complete the circuit, and the water measuring brain teaser. For the microscope cell matching activity, students looked at labelled samples through a microscope and matched them to the samples in their worksheet. These were the ones that Sarah picked up from Yeongmyeong school earlier in the week and they looked really cool 🙂 Cryptography was basically introducing book cryptography with Waly’s copy of the Korea book that was given to all GTL students, which gave the students the message to head back to the tunnels where there were again laptops. Once unlocked, the laptops had a pdf of our edited version of pride and prejudice, and also a google doc with numbers that corresponded to page numbers that spelled out a caesar cipher itself! The pdf didn’t load very well so we’re going to make sure to download them locally next time. Red team also struggled a bit with finding the password to the computer itself, but the moment when they were able to figure out that the solution to the book cipher was a caesar cipher in itself was really fun to see. pH testing had beakers hidden around the area that students had to find, and then they tested the pHs of each substance and ordered the letters that were on the beakers in ascending pH to spell out SIX. The complete the circuit activity had three LEDs and a resistor on a giant four-in-one breadboard that students had to add a battery and jumper wires to, and they received a clue when they made the LEDs light up. I thought this was a really good callback to what we learned on day 3 and since all of the groups were able to complete the circuit I was glad that it seemed like they were retaining information! In the end, all of the groups were backed up at the water brainteaser station, which is something that we’ll have to figure out a solution to next time. After solving it, the teams received the clue that the password’s numbers were in descending order and went off to go search for the bag to find their prize! A lot of them kept thinking that it was one of our backpacks sitting on the back of the room which was hilarious, but michael from red team eventually found it and as soon as they opened it they were… disappointed xp I think that they really liked the pencil cases and the stickers inside though and it was more about the joy of finding it than the prizes B)

As our last activity of the week, we had a kahoot quiz about us! There were a lot of miscellaneous questions, like how many siblings does Sarah have? (4!) who likes coffee (melissa!) and who’s Alexis’ favourite kpop group (exo!!). Daisy killed it as usual, I think she won every single kahoot game that we played this week which was very impressive B)

Then it was time to announce the winners of the week long competition… Pink team!! who won by a single point were all gifted the Whaleys that Waly and I purchased and I think that they were all very pleased with them:) yellow team lost by a point and were very sad about it and even asked me where they could buy the whaleys for themselves… for 3000 won at daiso xp We handed out all of the 3D prints and then everyone cleaned up and said goodbye one by one and it was so sad to see them go :’) but I think that everyone enjoyed the workshop!!

We gave soso his gift since he won’t be coming with us to Jeonju next week and then had a heated debate over whether or not airplane seats have headrest wings over a delicious meal of shake shack that FL ordered for us (with milkshakes too!). I actually never had shake shack in the US but it was good:) Then we got back to the airbnb and got ready to leave tomorrow to J E O N J U




Thanks for making it to the end— read about my overall experience in Korea here:)


Until next time!

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