Meet the Characters!

Meet the Characters!

Hammie, Snowflake, and Mocha are three hamster siblings each with their own distinct personalities and who together are the mascots of Nibble A Day! They’re featured in the art and comics on this blog, so if you’d like to learn more about each of them please keep reading!

Snowflake is the oldest of the three siblings, and is forced to be the most responsible and look after her younger brothers. She spends most of her time doing her homework and cleaning up after her siblings, but when she has free time she loves to bake cookies and write short stories. Almost everything that she owns has polka dots on it, and she likes to think that sky blue compliments her gray fur.

Hammie is the middle child who is often overlooked, so he tries his best to live up to his older sister. Though he’s not the best student, he always tries to find new ways to study more efficiently to get better grades. He’s also a competitive ping-pong player and an aspiring comic artist who is anything but a morning hamster. Sometimes, the only thing that motivates him to make it through high school is the sheer deliciousness of pumpkin pie.

If Mocha had a choice, he would spend 20 hours a day sleeping and the rest of it playing soccer. As the youngest child, his chief job is to annoy his older siblings and to be Snowflake’s cookie test taster. His favorite meal? Doughnuts and swiss cheese.

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