things look a little different around here

This Thanksgiving marks four years since I started this blog— I remember working on my first couple of posts sitting at my cousin’s house during Thanksgiving break in 2018, just like I’m doing now! It’s crazy to think back and reflect on how much has changed since then… I’m no longer in high school, for starters, and I’m now going to college on the East Coast, which is pretty far away from where I had been living in California. (I’m actually pretty close to finishing off my bachelor’s degree, which is crazy to think about, assuming I can get through the last couple of classes, that is.)

Even though there are so many things that are different about my life now compared to back when I was a 15 year old high schooler, I’m grateful that some things have stayed the same. One of those things isn’t the way that this blog, looks, though— when I changed server hosts I decided to update some of the artwork, and even though I’m pretty happy with the way it currently looks I definitely have some nostalgia for the old purple colour scheme. Who knows, maybe it’ll come back someday?

So I thought it’d be fun to post the original header image for this blog that I drew back in 2018, and the second updated header image that I drew in 2020.

2018 header image
2020 header image

There are some things that I miss about my high school days, like biking to school in the mornings with my brother and watching Running Man with my family while eating dinner on the kitchen island. But there are so many memories of experiences between then and now that I’m so grateful to have that I’m not sure that I would go back even if I could.

One of the few Chinese idioms that I can still remember is “一寸光陰一寸金,寸金難買寸光陰。” which basically means that time is precious and that you shouldn’t waste it— all I can say is that I’ll do my best.

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