9 Tips to Prepare for SAT TEST DAY!

It’s the week before test day. You’ve studied for months and months, sacrificing hours of sleep and fun to prepare for this moment, and judgement day is almost upon you. You might feel excited, nervous, scared, or some wild combination of the three, but most of all, you might be wondering- what now? Here are 9 things you can do to ensure that you’re able to perform to your full ability on test day. #1 Relax The week before the SAT,…

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How to Organize Your 2019 SAT Notebook

Happy (belated) new year to all!! During this time of the year, you might have written down some new year’s resolutions, or otherwise reflected on yourself and your actions in 2018. What I realized was that I haven’t spent nearly as much time studying for my SAT subject tests as I should have in the past few months, and this wake-up call was enough to motivate me to set up a new SAT notebook dedicated to the subject tests (SAT 2).…

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4 Tips to Squash Procrastination Monsters

We’ve all faced this problem before- the scary, ten eyed monster itself- Procrastination. You get home and you know that you have an essay to write, six pages of history notes to finish and 10 pages of math problems to hand in tomorrow, but you convince yourself that having a snack first before you start working on your homework will help you relax and work more quickly. And then you decide that you might as well watch a couple of youtube…

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Meet the Characters!

Hammie, Snowflake, and Mocha are three hamster siblings each with their own distinct personalities and who together are the mascots of Nibble A Day! They're featured in the art and comics on this blog, so if you'd like to learn more about each of them please keep reading! Snowflake is the oldest of the three siblings, and is forced to be the most responsible and look after her younger brothers. She spends most of her time doing her homework and cleaning…

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