SAT Prep Books- Reviews of Kaplan, The Official SAT Study Guide, and more

In general, books are much less flexible than online programs in the fact that they are unable to mold to your individual strengths and difficulties, and so it is much harder to find a workbook that suits your skill level and learning style throughout the entirety of the duration of your SAT practice. For example, when studying for my Math 2 SAT subject test, the book that I initially began studying with made little sense to me as it was clearly…

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Online SAT Resources- Reviews of Khanacademy and Prepscholar

You’ve probably seen the thick textbooks lying around at school, in lockers, on desks, sometimes used as a pillow for a well-deserved nap. On the spine of the book, you might see The Princeton Review or The Official SAT Study Guide, all promising extreme increases in your SAT score-- if only you’ll purchase the book for $21.41 to be granted the privilege of feasting your eyes upon the secrets that lie between the pages. But if you’re as much of a…

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9 Tips to Prepare for SAT TEST DAY!

It’s the week before test day. You’ve studied for months and months, sacrificing hours of sleep and fun to prepare for this moment, and judgement day is almost upon you. You might feel excited, nervous, scared, or some wild combination of the three, but most of all, you might be wondering- what now? Here are 9 things you can do to ensure that you’re able to perform to your full ability on test day. #1 Relax The week before the SAT,…

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